Facebook targeted advertising has been one of the most effective digital strategies of the last few years. With the cost per impression hitting some of the lowest rates in advertising history marketers have begun to realize this is something they can not pass up on.

The problem for most marketers is developing a solid strategy for advertising on Facebook. Simply boosting a post on your page because it will raise brand awareness is a good start but you would be missing out on so much opportunity if you stop there.

Advertising is all about following the buying cycle. Let’s review the 4 things your Facebook advertising strategies you should be utilizing in order to take full advantage of the platform.

1. Develop Awareness

You have finalized all necessary permits for your event, found a handful of sponsors, hired the right staff to make your event happen, and developed some awesome branding elements.  Your problem, no one knows about your event.

A solid brand awareness strategy can make or break any event and we think Facebook is the perfect platform to use in order to accomplish your brand awareness goals.

In order to advertise efficiently on Facebook first you must determine the ideal demographic for your event:

Where is your event being held?

What is the age range of your expected attendees?

What are some other interest of those who may attend your event?

What are some interest people may have that would suggest they wouldn’t attend your event?

Use all these factors and develop an audience you wish to see your ad on Facebook. The more you segment the more expensive your ad may be, so don’t go overkill but still be sure to find the right audience.

2. Nurture

So your ad was shown to 100,000 people. Some people commented, hit the like button, shared the post and some even visited your events landing page. You now have a solid number of individuals who have shown some initial interest in your event. A handful have purchased tickets but a majority are still unsure if they will attend.

This is where nurturing your leads come into play. Facebook ads can be retargeted to the individuals who interacted with your post in various ways.

Be sure your event stays on their radar. Depending on your market events can be competitive and getting someone to purchase a ticket your event rather than the 20 others in the area that month is tough. Keep them interested.

As the event edges closer and it becomes time to really push for ticket sales you will turn your nurturing/retargeting efforts into a serious push for conversion.

3. Convert

You have a solid 40,000 people who have shown some sort of interest in your event. Your problem is that only 1,200 have purchased tickets so far and your not sure if you’re going to hit your ticket sale goals. It’s time to throw that proverbial right hook.

Create a clear call to action! Tell them exactly what you want them to do. Buy tickets!

Do prices increase at the door?

Is your event selling out soon?

Develop a need to purchases now and properly communicate it. And don’t be afraid to tell your viewers exactly what you want them to do. This goes for post-purchase communications as well.

4. Leverage the Power of Social Sharing!

So you followed a buyer from awareness to nurturing and finally got them to convert. Good work, but your job is not done.

The only reason you are advertising on such a platform is because people are sharing everything! Well, let’s get your ticket buyers to share the event with all of their followers.

Run ads with some shareable content to all of those who may have purchased tickets. Once again this is somewhere you may want to tell users exactly what you want them to do. “Share this event with your friends” may sound like a corny way to communicate with your soon to be attendee but it works!

4b. A Little Something Extra

You need to develop strategies for during/post-event sharing. This is where Facebook advertising might give way to developing shareable moments and sharing strategies for your event like proper hashtags and Snapchat filters. There are plenty of avenues you can take in this direction so be sure not to sleep on them!

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