Instagram Stories is a newer feature on Instagram that allows for disappearing vertical content very similar to the way Snapchat works.  It allows for some really fun and creative content to be distributed to your fan base.  This is not in place of snapchat but it is effective because you are utilizing your existing Instagram following. Here are a few reasons your haunted house should be using Instagram Stories!

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1 – Embracing New Features Always Wins

On the first day that Instagram Stories was released everyone rushed to try the feature out.  People are attracted to shiny new things and if your brand uses this feature while its new you can get extra attention just from people exploring the feature.  Additionally, while the feature is new it keeps the noise levels down from other brands and people posting to their story.  Their is a huge opportunity to be posting to your Instagram Story before it becomes crowded.

2 – Vertical Creative is GOLD

You need to be getting practice creating vertical videos and images for your brand. As we transition into 2017 vertical creative is going to be a huge player.  Instagram Stories enables you to upload content from the last 24 hours from your camera roll so you can use quality produced content!

3 – LIVE Video That Disappears

Live video through Instagram stories is unique because it doesn’t record or save anywhere.  The reason this is important is that users are much more likely to watch your video while it is live as they know they won’t have a chance to watch it later.  It almost feels as though you are video chatting at scale with your audience. Use this as an opportunity to offer these fans and followers special discount codes or bonuses.

4 – 150 Million Daily Active Users

Yes… 150 million people use it every single day. That is more active users than snapchat currently has. Give it a try and check your daily views, you will see exactly how many of your followers are watching your stories. The more often your post on your story and the better the content the more daily views you will get!

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