Snapchat is without a doubt the place your haunted house customers are spending their time communicating right now. With an approaching IPO and an estimated evaluation of close to 25B, this company is here to stay. Currently, Snap Ads are not available to the public yet but several sources point to them being released soon. In the meantime here are a few tips and tricks to give your haunted house a headstart on using Snapchat to promote your business. Check out our seminar at Transworld on March 24 for an even deeper look into online advertising!

1- On-Site Promotion

Setting up large banners around your attraction’s waiting line, restrooms, exit, and merch booth are great ways to get people aware that you have a Snapchat account and to start following you.  It sounds simple, but seeing the excited reaction from young customers when they realize you are following the trends in social media goes a long way.

2- Create A Geofilter For Your Location

Setting up a Snapchat filter for your business is really easy to do and actually extremely effective. Last season we ran Snapchat geofilters for all of our clients and they were viewed several hundred thousand times collectively.  Most people visiting your haunted house will post pictures on FB and Instagram and simply say “at a haunted house with my friends” but with a geofilter it forces your branding onto all of those pictures.

3- Don’t Geofence Your Competition

You are probably wondering why.  Yes, it is a fun tactical move and kind of a “jerk” move but it is bigger than that. You don’t want your competitor’s customers misrepresenting your brand.  If those customers had a bad experience and accidently use your geofilter it makes your brand look bad. Additionally, if your competitor has features to their haunted house that you don’t and customers take pictures of costumes, props, facades ect, it again can misrepresent your brand. Overall, just be a good neighbor, this tactic is way too easy to backfire and just makes your brand look desperate.

4. Have Icon Monsters Run Your Snapchat

Having a consistent voice actively posting to your Snapchat account is extremely important. During the season, pick an icon character and have them run the account with the help of an assistant to hold the camera and make sure lighting is correct.

5. Take Snapchats of Your Customers

By taking Snapchats of your customers interacting with characters in line, screaming, having fun, ect it will give them a reason to follow your story on Snapchat so they can see their pictures.  IMPORTANT – make sure your story settings are set so that EVERYONE can view your story not just your friends.

These are just some basic tips to get you started! Keep following our blog for more advanced Snapchat marketing tips!.

Also for an in-depth look at how to use Snapchat for your haunted house, join us at our Transworld Seminar Friday March 24 at 2pn!

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