As the Escape Game Industry continues to grow in both market size and competition it is ever important for these operations to find their space online. Utilizing digital marketing is probably the best avenue Escape Games can take in order to raise brand awareness and drive ticket sales.

Follow these 9 digital marketing tips to grow your Escape Game business:


1. Conversion Friendly Website

When it comes to the web it is all about driving traffic to your site. The goal after that is to get visitors to actually purchase tickets. The Escape Game industry sees solid traffic to websites but visitors aren’t always converting the first time.

Make sure your site has a clear call to actions and even sets the need to purchase right now.


2. Local SEO

When people search Google for escape games in your area your only hope is they find you. There are over 200 factors that determine whether or not your business shows up organically on Google. Out of those 200 factors, there are about 15 to 20 major factors for local SEO, this determines if people in your area will find your business. If done correctly you could show up on the map for your area or even get highlighted on the right-hand side of the page in what is called a  rich snippet.

You can read more about local SEO for escape rooms here.


3. Facebook Ads

When it comes to brand awareness there really isn’t a better platform right now than Facebook ads. With the ability to segment based on not only age and where they live, you can segment users based on direct interest. This means you can advertise directly to those who already show interest in escape games.

With Facebook’s ad manager you can track all the details regarding the effectiveness of your ad allowing you to continuously optimize your ad dollars.

The goal with these ads is to break through the noise and this is where the combination of native advertising and Facebook come into play.

4. Native Advertising

People trust businesses. Well, maybe not all the time. This is where native advertising comes into play. Rather than you screaming about how great you are let someone else do it.

Find publications that are willing to write articles about your operation and then advertise these articles.

Our most recent study shows that having a third party organization advertise your operation can be up to 10x more effective for engagement

5. Influencer Marketing

You heard it here first, “Instafamous” will be in the webster dictionary in the next couple years.

Single users have more influence on Instagram than a lot of major corporations on Instagram. With following as big as 100k or even 1m these users have major promotion potential for your business.

Reaching out to these users to ask them to promote your business can have a major impact on your brand awareness.

6. Create Shareable Content

Pictures of recent escapees holding up signs with the rest of their group aren’t enough.

Get creative and take chances with this and you may see a major response.

These are shareable moments. Pictures your customers can post on social media that will help spread the word about your business.

7. Snapchat Filters

Snapchat filters allow advertisers to create branded filters on Snapchat. This means someone can take a snap at your location and post it with your logo all over the picture.

While nationwide lenses can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, small business advertisers are allowed to use geofilters at a far less cost. This means only people in a certain area will have the filter available to them. The smaller the geolocation the less money it costs. With your room escape being in such a finite area you can use these filters for a steal.

Be sure to communicate to your clients that you have a filter.

While Snap Ads are not currently self-service, Massive Noise can buy them for our clients through our current relationship with Snapchat.

Click here if we can help.


8. Email Marketing

Even though everyone thinks email marketing is dead, its far from it. It continues to be a very inexpensive way to stay in front of your clientele.

Use those who purchase tickets to build an email list and develop campaigns to these individuals. Set up automated campaigns so that after they attended your room 6 months ago they receive details about a room they did not try.

Make sure these emails have clear call to actions

9. Track Everything

Your website should be set up to track every interaction. If someone buys a ticket on your site you should know exactly how they first came to your website. Even if that visit was 2 months ago.

Did they land on your site from a Facebook ad? Organically through Google search? Did that email campaign actually drive ticket sales?

Tracking conversions and where users came from is key to determine ROI for each marketing effort.


As you can see there are a variety of digital marketing strategies your escape room can take advantage of. No one strategy us superior and that is why we suggest taking a multi-medium approach to digital marketing. Contact us today so we can help you decide what strategies make the most sense for your operation. 

Nick Francis of Massive Noise Media will be reviewing a lot of these strategies during a seminar on March 24th during Transworld Halloween and Attraction Show. View event details here.


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