As consumers, we may think email marketing doesn’t work but as a business, you have to understand it is one of the cheapest ways to stay in front of your customers. With the proper tools, your event can utilize the email addresses collected over the years to increase returning attendees.


Set Goals. No Really, Set Goals!

Why is it this is the step everyone decides to overlook? Set goals for your campaigns! What is goal open rate? What about click through rate? How many early bird tickets do you want to sell from email campaigns? In order to measure performance, you need to set benchmarks to measure against. This is the most obvious of any marketing practice but is always overlooked. Are you going to do it?


Personalize Your Emails/Segment

This goes beyond just putting their first name in the subject line. When it comes to email marketing, the more data you have the better. That is if you decide to use it. Be sure to review all of the data you have collected to determine how you can best segment emails. Age, locations, and purchase history are just some of the data points you can use to better target your emails.


Have Clear Call to Actions

Tell your client what you want them to do. Beyond simple brand awareness, an email needs to be utilized to get your customer to do something. Whether it’s asking them to follow you on social media. submit their event photos, fill out a survey about their previous experience, or the likely, buying a ticket to your event, be sure to clearly communicate what you want them to do and how to do it.

This goes hand in hand with goal setting but should be reviewed in your design process. Don’t overload recipients with 5 potential actions either. Keep it simple and clear.

Didn’t Get What You Wanted? Try Again.

Resend to those who did no open. Crazy concept, we know. No one wants to smother their customer base with marketing materials so determine what is too much.

This can be combatted with sending valuable and fun content in your emails. If you are simply sending promotional emails without any potential value to customers then maybe you don’t want to send email after email. Though, if you are providing value to your customer don’t be afraid to send them multiple emails, even the same one if they didn’t open it the first time around.

Who doesn’t want a cheaper ticket to the event they plan on attending anyway?


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