In August Instagram took a major stab at Snapchat by rolling out its own version of “Stories,” a feed of disappearing photos or videos a user can post. In February they took another major stab at the smaller Snapchat.

While only 150 million users (like that’s a small number) out of Instagram’s 600 million are actively using its “story” feature, it sill matches Snapchat’s total active users at 150 million. Their story feature was only launched in August making Snapchat its senior by nearly 5 years. That being said the single feature on Instagram has major potential to pass Snapchat in the coming year.

Like that isn’t a dagger enough Instagram just announced that it will be launching in feed story advertisements that advertisers can service themselves. This effectively beats Snapchat to the punch.

With companies like Airbnb, Nike, and Netflix taking part in the beta testing over the past month this new ad feature will surely be a big hit with all advertisers.

The new in story ads can be seen below:

Being first to the market is always a major success factor in the digital marketing industry. Not that Snapchat won’t succeed when they finally decide to roll out in story ads to everyone but it surely won’t have the same luster Instagram’s roll out will have.




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