Google can help make or break a business, especially when that business depends on people finding their location. With over 200 factors determine each search result in Google it is hard to know what is most important for you escape room. We’ll help you map out the 5 most important Local SEO factors for your escape room.


1. Google my business

This is your direct line to Google. This will help your business communicate to Google exactly what your business does, the hours of operation, phone number, and location. Showing up on Google’s zero positions such as the local 3 pack or even a featured snippet is nearly impossible without a Google My Business account.


2. Local Listings

Google’s main goal is to give their users the best search results. This becomes increasingly difficult with the amount of spam/fake business out there. They fight this by cross-referencing data from across the web for each business. This is where it becomes important to have your business listed across many different directories on the web. This includes social sites as well as data aggregators.

3.  Structured data/schema markup and website content

The simple stuff

Website content continues to be crucial for your google ranking. Even though they will have many different factors to determine your escape room’s information they still want to see solid content on your site. This includes placing keywords in the proper location, though never over stuffing your website.

Not so simple

Google, well their robots, have a big job to do. They have to crawl every single website in the universe to determine if the page has content their users are looking for you. So it makes sense that Google loves it when you make it easy for their robots to understand your website and its purpose. This is accomplished with structured data including schema markup. This is simply code placed on your site that helps Google understand that My Room Escape is your business name, 321 South North street is your address, 222-333-4444 is your phone number, etc.


4. Links

To the demise of many SEOs out their backlinks continue to be a major factor for your Google ranking. If let’s say, the New York Times links directly to your website in their story about room escapes, Google will realize you have credibility in the industry and in turn will increase your rank. There are several different ways to receive backlinks but be careful because Google is catching on to many practices they consider shady. Over the past few years, Google has continued to penalize those participating in what has been come to be called “black hat” SEO tactics. Be careful when someone claims they can get you 100 plus backlinks!


5. Reviews

Reviews are another great way for Google to know your escape room is worth sharing with their customer. We’ll say it again, Google just wants to provide their users with the best search results. If you have a bunch of terrible reviews regarding your escape room Google won’t want to direct people towards your business. Be careful how you get them though. Google has rules for that as well.


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