One thing we have noticed in the room escape industry is that (most) people don’t purchase tickets on their first interaction with your website/brand. It can take 2,3 even up to 6 different interaction with your brand for a customer to purchase a ticket.

This is where retargeting becomes crucial to ticket sales.

Retargeting? When you’re shopping for shoes online and those exact shoes you thought about buying show up in ads all across the web. Might be creepy to you but it sure is effective. For the price to the advertiser, it can be one of the most efficient ways to advertise.

Let’s go over a few ways you can retarget those you have interacted with your brand.


Website Visitor

The most common way to retarget to potential customers is past website visitors. For some industries, retargeting strategies may consist of correlating specific ads to specific pages someone visited. For escape rooms, you will want to retarget to everyone who has been to your site.  Sounds like it makes it much more simple but there is still plenty of nuances in order to retarget the right way.

You can retarget to these audiences with Facebook advertising and Google Adwords. Both require a tracking code to be placed on your website in order for each platform to determine who has been to your site and who has not.


Video Views

Let’s face it, a lot of people go to facebook and mindlessly scroll. They could watch one of your videos and not truly know who or what they just watched.  This is why retargeting to video viewers is crucial. Even if someone watches your entire video, comments on it and shares it with their friends, it’s still important to retarget towards them in order to ensure they purchase.  You put a lot of resources towards producing an awesome video and it’s time to capitalize on its views.

Even if someone only watched your video for 3 seconds we suggest retargeting ads to them. Like we mentioned before it takes way more than 1 interaction for someone to purchase a ticket.


Targeting ads to the right audience is a pillar of digital marketing. There are entirely too many people to market to the general public. We suggest always segmenting audiences and running tests to see what works better. Retargeting just happens to be one of the most dialed in audiences you can market towards and in terms of cost per conversion they may be the cheapest market to target.



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