Advertising is constantly evolving. What worked 5 years ago doesn’t work today. New platforms will always have their own set of dos and don’ts we have to learn. There will be one constant though, content will forever be king. Forgive us for being so cliche but it’s true.

A TRILLION articles are read every day online and advertisers are trying to capture those readers eyes. For the longest time, this was done through one major outlet, Banner ads. The problem is that these have become less effective than a needle trying to start a political rally in a haystack.  You are more likely to survive a plane crash than you are to click a banner ad! The comparisons are endless.

But never doubt the advertising industry!

Here enters native advertising and sponsored articles. This is advertising that has the same look and feel as the content native to whatever platform you are on. This is no new concept though. Editorial in the 1700s had ads that looked like news articles.

Here is what they look like today.

Native Advertising

Facebook ads are probably the most familiar form of native advertising you are used to seeing. This ad shows up right on your news feed the same way your friend’s engagement announcement would.

Sponsored Articles

Sponsored articles have become an integral part of the editorial and advertising industries. These are articles that are written by/for brands and placed in publications just like any other editorial article would be.

The following example is a sponsored article on Buzzfeed that is sponsored by Discover card.


Brands are willing to pay major dollars for sponsored articles because they have had a great response from users. New York Times even claims that users are viewing sponsored articles more frequently than editorials ones.

So how do you write sponsored articles?

To start, let’s clarify that these are much different than something you may write for your blog. Your blogs are hosted on your website and clearly have a goal of promoting your brand/service. Just like what you are reading now.

Sponsored articles feel like someone outside of your organization wrote the article. The purpose is to entertain and inform the viewer enough to get them to read it but still have the right content in order to push them towards your brand.


With Massive Noise’s own network of websites to publish your articles and the ability for us to push these articles to your demographic, we have set the groundwork for your brand to get started with native advertising and sponsored articles.

Contact us today to learn how we can use the combination of sponsored articles and native advertising to promote your brand.



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