Picture this, you post an ad to Facebook, within minutes the likes and shares start rolling in. Great! Right? Maybe not…The honest truth is that likes and shares don’t always lead to purchases anyway. While engagements with your posts may be great for brand awareness, you often need to do more to make sure that the people your ads are in front of are hitting the ‘buy’ button.

Advertising is about more than just awareness. Below are three steps that you can take to ensure that those showing interest will actually follow through with a purchase.

  • Coupon Codes:

 If someone is taking the time to like or share your post, they are obviously expressing interest. A simple way to turn this interest into a purchase is with the power of coupon codes. Customers are more likely to purchase if they feel they are receiving an excellent or special value. Not only do coupon codes create a sense of urgency (say…if the coupon only works for a limited time), it also creates a sense that they are receiving the lowest price point possible, leading to a higher likeliness to buy.

  • Target Testing:

 Target testing is an easy way to figure out your best target market, and begin to optimize your ads to an audience most likely to buy. Don’t be afraid to play around with things like demographics, interests, and locations.

  • Retargeting- Customers rarely purchase on the first interaction:

Most consumers don’t purchase on their first interaction with a company. This is why retargeting is so important in advertising. Once a person has shown interest in your company, be that with a like, share, website visit, or video view, it is critical to get another ad in front of that person to encourage a purchase.

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